Food Safety Manual Development Program
Fresh Produce

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   The concern with food safety and hygiene in the food industry and the possibility of foodborne illness has prompted private organizations and regulatory agencies to develop guidelines and procedures to help minimize the contamination risks associated with food handling.

   PrimusLabs has responded to the needs of its clients and has customized a Food Safety Development Program for implementing food safety programs specifically for growing and packing operations. Through this program, PrimusLabs provides the producers of fruits and vegetables the tools necessary to create a customized Food Safety and Hygiene Manual.

   In order to access the Food Safety Manual Development Program, please register your company information by clicking New Users, then you will be provided with an Access Code and password. If you are already registered, then key in your access code and password by clicking Users Login.
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   If you want to see all food safety and hygiene manuals you can get, click here. They include: Hazard Program, GMP, GAP, SOP or Trace Recall Program.

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