Dear Supplier,

The concern with food safety and hygiene in the food industry has prompted Frieda’s to become the first produce distributor to assure its clients that our growers have taken measures to develop guidelines and procedures to help minimize food safety risks associated with food handling.

We would like to introduce you to a private company,, who will assist you, free of charge, in the initial development of food safety programs specifically for your growing and packing operations. Frieda’s has contracted with to underwrite the costs of developing this program as part of our commitment to our clients and suppliers.’s program is called Document Development Program or "DDP" and can be accessed at their Internet site at The development program is available to you in English and in Spanish.

The DDP (Document Development Program) will let you develop a Food Safety Manual for your Growing, Packing, or Cooling facilities operations. Some of the Manuals you will be able to develop include:

    • Good Agricultural Practices "GAP" (Pre-Harvest)
    • Packing Operations and Food Safety issues
    • Field Packing Operations and Food Safety issues
    • Cooling Operations and Food Safety issues
    • Trace Recall Program

Once you have logged on to and have selected the Document Development page, you will register your company as a Frieda’s supplier and begin to answer a series of questions relating to your type of operations. Based on your answers, the web site software will develop a customized Manual(s) for you to print. The Manual will provide you, your staff, and Frieda’s with a reference resource that you may consult with to promote your safety standards - free of charge! These Manuals include:

    • Hazard Plan
    • Good Manufacturing Practices "GMP"
    • Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures "SSOP"
    • Employee Education & Training Log
    • Monitoring Logs

It is Frieda’s goal to have all of our suppliers using Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as our customers are beginning to request verification of the safe food handling programs and practices that we and our suppliers use.

Again, through’s Document Development Program, Frieda’s is pleased to deliver these food safety guidelines to you free! We highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. If you do not have access to the Internet, please call us and we can assist you in doing it manually.

Once you have developed your own customized DDP, you will be listed as a preferred supplier of Frieda’s products under a password-protected area of the web site. This section will be available to our key customers who wish to see the extent of Frieda’s preferred suppliers and the products they represent.

Our Marketing Assistant, Jennifer Justice, will be contacting you during the next 2 months to answer any questions you may have.

first name, ourOur goal is to have you registered on the web site soon, so you can become a "Preferred Supplier" of Frieda’s.

Also, if you have a need to do further third-party testing or verification of your fields, as a Preferred Supplier" of Frieda’s you will receive a discount on any work you do directly with

We look forward to working with you!



Karen Caplan

President, Frieda’s, Inc.

pc: Robin Osterhues, Director of Marketing, Frieda’s, Inc.

Bill Schene, Director of Sales & Marketing,