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PrimusLabs is a full-service food safety laboratory and consulting company. With our vast network of clients including produce growers, shippers, processors, distributors and buyers located throughout the entire Western Hemisphere, we have an unparalleled ability to get your message to the right people at the right time.

Why PrimusLabs?

Our website provides produce suppliers a means to develop their own customized safe food production manuals and conduct self-audits, via the World Wide Web, to assure compliance with the United States’ rapidly evolving food safety regulations with which producers from all over the world will need to comply. Recent endorsements from a number of major buyers such as Albertson’s®, Frieda’s®, Marriott Intl.®, Safeway®, Subway® and SYSCO® are expected to dramatically increase traffic on our website as suppliers scramble to comply with their requirements. This gives you an excellent opportunity to get your message out to the right people at a time when they will be looking for the solutions your goods and services can provide. If you supply equipment or services to growers, shippers, packing, processing or cooling operations, this is the place to advertise!


Who is using the DDP?

A few Facts:

  • 83% of registered users are the decision makers in their organization*
  • User session lengths average an unprecedented 27 minutes each*
  • 45% of registered users have made major purchasing decisions in the past 12 months*
  • 41% of registered users plan on making major purchasing decisions in the next 12 months*
  • 25% of registered users purchase supplies 4 or more times a year*
* Based on demographic questionnaire results and web activity reports as of May 2000.

What programs does PrimusLabs offer advertisers?

Ad Banners

A single banner is located at the top of each page within our Document Development Program. There are no other competing advertisements while your banner is up. Banners can be linked your home page or an information request form, which we can then forward to you via e-mail.


PrimusLabs now has opportunities available for you to make an extremely strong statement about your commitment to food safety; a sponsorship program for various sections of the PrimusLabs website, By signing up to sponsor a section, such as our home page, you affix your logo and/or slogan prominently on the front page of that section 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. A sponsorship goes beyond advertising, beyond a temporary representation of your firm’s food safety position. A sponsorship is a symbol of your firm’s long term commitment displayed on a site known throughout the industry for “When Food Safety Counts”.

Look through our website. Reflect on PrimusLabs’ stand for food safety. Imagine your logo in positioned in front of the hundreds of thousands of people who visit annually. For a chance to stand out from the crowd, call us.

In addition to banners and sponsorships, there are a number of other advertising possibilities available, including website hosting and development.

Who can tell me more about PrimusLabs?

Visit our web site at and see for yourself. Or, you can contact our advertising department at:

2810 Industrial Parkway VOICE 805.922.0055
Santa Maria, CA 93455 FAX    805.922.2462
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